Life of a software engineer, should I try it?

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Hi, my name is Rodrigo, and I’m here today to talk a little bit about my life, personal and career. Hope that some of the content that I’m going to share here helps you. This is some sort of journal where I share some of my experiences and opinions considering all the things that I live in the software development field. …

Helping you to improve your code conception

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Hi! Today we’re going to talk about refactoring.

In computer programming and software design, code refactoring is the process of restructuring existing computer code — changing the factoring — without changing its external behavior. Refactoring is intended to improve the design, structure, and/or implementation of the software (its non-functional attributes), while preserving its functionality. Wikipedia

The content of this article is based on Martin Fowler’s Refactoring book with some additional notes that I took while I was reading the book, and text revisions by Cesar Morigaki. …

Some tips and good practices to you have a good relationship with flutter!

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Hi, today i'm gonna write about some tips and good practices to you work with flutter. this article can and will be right opinionated, so if you don't agree with something just ignore ok? Let's go!

If you have something that could be added to this article, just comment below let's discuss about it.

1. Always use commas:

when you don't put commas and the end of some declaration and you try to ident your code it is not gonna end good. …

Working with dependency injection in flutter!

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Hi how is it going? I hope everything is good.

Today i'm going to describe some experiences that i had working with DI (dependency injection in flutter), and i hope that this article help you to use and abuse of DI with flutter.

In specially i'm gonna write about injectable and get_it, because for me these two work pretty well for all types of projects, and they are easy to learn. But First let's understand what is Dependency Injection.


Dependency injection is the act that provides something that someone needs, example: You have the class Vehicle and this class need one Engine to work properly so, Vehicle depends on Engine. We can provides the Engine with different ways, from constructor of the class, by field injection or by method injection, later we're gonna see some examples. There are several libs and ways to handle dependency injection, but today we're going to see how get_it does his job! …

Hello my name is Rodrigo Lopes. The purpose of this article is to share a little about clean architecture in the flutter. I will talk in general about the concepts and at the end show a practical implementation of how it works.

Explaining the concept of clean architecture:

The idea behind the clean architecture concept is to make the project scalable, easy to maintain and testable, creating separate layers and always depending on abstractions and not concrete classes.

Key points

  1. Independence of frameworks: Your project can never be dependent on an external framework, there must always be a layer that abstracts logic, thus making it possible to remove the framework without impacting the application. …

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Hello, My name is Rodrigo and i'm a mobile developer, today i i'll teach you how to get images from android camera, there are two ways to get one picture from the native camera app from your device, get an thumbnail, small picture with low resolution just to show to user in tiny image view, and the full image resolution.

Fun fact, why you can’t use aways the full resolution image, well there are some problems around that, think in this situation, you get the full-sized image from the camera and you need to show in a another fullscreen activity this image, imagine you transfer one image 1080p or something better, to another activity by the intent, probably you will receive an exception OutOfMemmoryError (One of various exceptions) because android can’t handle large files like this, this is why exists the thumbnail, it is a tiny bitmap which you can handle and transfer like you wish. …


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